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David Baldessari is a performer/musician with a performing arts degree from Austria and many years experience in contemporary theater for all ages. He’s written multiple plays, is founder of a free theatre collective and also works with children and juveniles in training/directing.

Baldessari is currently based in Linz (AUT).

Music – Theatrical, spheric, scenic or even experimental. With early age-influences from bands such as the Beatles, Queen, Rick Wakeman, Pink Floyd or Edgar Broughton, Baldessaris music includes a wide variety of genres like Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Atmo, Classic, Musical, and film scores.

Film – With a strong relation to theatrical- and stage work, camera acting has never been a nr. 1 priority for Baldessari. However – intreresting projects and/or collaborations will always be welcome.


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Voice work – Baldessaris voice is a warm and subtext-heavy Baritone, with accurate yet natural pronounciation and a sympathic character. Tendencies towards playfulness and psychological/theatrical interpretation are detectable.